Group Classes

1.  Cycle:  If you like loud music and high energy, this class is for you!  Cycle is designed to give you that road bike experience! Climb hills using resistance and sprint on flat roads, all within the safe confines of being indoors!  Please arrive early for your first ride to be properly set up on your bike.


2.  Kettlebell:  This is an interval class that incorporates strength training and cardio exercises.  Intervals are timed and you will receive the maximum calorie burning experience!  This class provides overall conditioning and shaping.


3.  Cardiodance:  A fusion of kickboxing and dance!  This class is designed to decrease fat and provide an ultimate cardio workout, all while having fun with the element of dance!


4.  Build:  A challenge for every major muscle group in your body!  BUILD uses resistance bands, benches, light dumbbells and mats to tone muscle and change the composition of the body!


5. Core:  Designed to build strength in the upper body and core.  Class participants will go through a variety of different exercises while using weight to challenge different muscle groups.


6.  Yoga:  Focusing on classic poses, this class emphasizes alignment while standing, sitting and twisting.  You will develop body awareness, learn basic postures and focus on overall strengthening of your body.  


7.  Bootcamp Basics:  Bootcamp workouts consist of cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and stretching.  Designed to review the basics of movement and exercise, this class will head outdoors when the weather turns!

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